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Ceramics exhibition at Campus Norrköping library

During weeks 9-12, there will be a display of ceramic objects by Gustav Bolin at Campus Norrköping library. Gustav Bolin’s objects combine aspects of everyday use and the sculpturesque, and are located in a voltage field between the commonplace and the sublime, between the substantial and the dreamed.  He has studied ceramics at Capellagården, Öland, and is currently working and living in Norrköping.



Flottans Män



More news from the library

Library opening hours from 30 April to 2 May

On Walpurgis Night, 30 April, all LiU libraries will close at 2 pm. The libraries will be closed 1 May and will open again on Friday 2 May at 8 am.

HUB refurbishment

Limited service at the Health Sciences Library during the summer.

Wordfinder Online has changed its interface

Wordfinder Online launched a new platform in April with a lot of new functionalities. In Wordfinder Online you can search dictionaries in six different languages.

News about ReAxys

The chemistry database ReAxys has gotten new and improved search functions.

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Last updated: 2012-09-20