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Meet LiU’s new library director

David Lawrence entered the role as library director at Linköping University on the 1st of January. We asked him about his plans for the library, himself and his favorite travel destination. 

David Lawrence







Who are you?

- I´m an energetic and optimistic person, maybe a little naive but focused on results. I´m also conscious about what I don’t know and like gathering knowledge and expertise from people around me.

What are your priorities for the first months as library director?

- To start with, I will focus on the theme for the Library this year, Show the Value, plans for the new Student House at Campus Valla, the library information desk and IT-related issues [raised by new log-in requirements for IT-security reasons], the project ”Pedagogiska springet” and our information literacy instruction.

Can you tell us more about how the library will address these issues?

- We will start working with the theme for the Library this year, Show the Value, with a kick-off with the library staff in February, which will be primarily motivational but also deal with practical matters and ideas that can be implemented within the library organization.  

Concerning the new Student House at Campus Valla, our focus will be on communication and constructive discussions. It is essential that we work proactively with our thoughts and plans, and thereby are prepared for upcoming discussions within the project. Internally, we will set up working teams assigned specific tasks, but it is also very important to have continuous discussions at a library department level. Input from the departments can be raised to the library’s steering committee, which will function as a channel to the Campus LiU project.

The library information desk and IT-related issues: There we will need to find a workable solution that suits library operations. We have an on-going dialogue with the IT-department and a plan for full-scale testing of possible solutions.

You also mentioned something called “det pedagiska springet”? What is that all about?

- It is a project about how we meet our patrons in the physical library; a very important issue. The virtual library will never replace the physical library, so we need to meet user demands proactively in both these areas. 

Teaching students in information literacy is also an important part of our mission. I want to create the best possible conditions for us to continue developing in this area. For example, implementing the ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries) Framework and working closer with LiU teachers to find out their expectations of our pedagogical role.


David Lawrence II














What do you do when you are not working?

- Play, exercise and renovate my house.

Which is you favorite travel destination?

- The woods north of Norrköping. I’ve become a bit obsessed by old railroad lines.

Wed Feb 01 08:42:00 CET 2017


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