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Journal statistics for LiU 2016

Open Access journals are still among the top choices for Linköping University researchers when publishing. The Library’s journal statistics for 2016 have now been completed.

Nature continues to be the journal with most downloaded articles at LiU, just as in 2013, 2014 and 2015. And Physical Review B still leads the list with the most cited journals by LiU researchers.

On the journal top 10 list with most published articles written by LiU researchers, open access journals are still popular choices. One of them, PloS One, is in the number one spot with 52 publications written by at least one LiU affiliated author.

The following are the top 10 lists in each category with the figures for 2016.


Number of downloads of full text articles from publisher’s website


Journal Downloads 2016 open access
Nature 12694    
Journal of Cleaner Production 11378  
Science 9638  
Advanced Materials 9277  
Physical Review B 7861  
Harvard Business Review 7692  
Applied Physics Letters 7594  
Industrial Marketing Management 6797  
PNAS 6738  
Scientific Reports    6682 OA

Data from journal publishers (PLoS not included)


Number of journal citations by articles, reviews and letters with at least one LiU-affiliated author

Journal LiU citations 2016 open access
Physical Review B 1394  
Nature 797  
PNAS 718  
Science 701  
Applied Physics Letters 682  
Journal of Chemical Physics 632  
Physical Review Letters 616  
Journal of Applied Physics 563  
Journal of the American Chemical Society 540  

Data from Web of Science


Number of published articles, reviews and letters by at least one LiU-affiliated author

Published articles
Journal Published articles 2016 open access
Scientific reports 38 OA
Physical Review B 29  
Oncotarget 16 OA
Journal of Applied Physics 14  
British Journal of Sports Medicine 11  
Applied Physics Letters 10  
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 10  
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9  
Advanced Materials 9  
International Journal of Audiology 9  
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 9  

Data from Web of Science


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