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H-index is and indicator used for individual researchers.

H-index for an author is the number of publications (h) by this author  that have been cited at least h times.  For example: 10 articles cited at least 10 times each give the h-index 10.


  • Combines productivity and impact

  • Simple to understand and calculate

  • Robust - not sensitive to a few outliers, i.e. very highly cited papers


  • Usually different depending on what database you use. The databases cover different sources and the number of citations are not the same.

  • Does not compensate for different publication- and citation patterns in different fields.

  • Does not compensate for the number of authors per publication.

  • Gives no extra credit for excellent(very highly cited) papers.
    In the table below, the top 10 cited publications are listedfor two researchers, and the publications are ranked by number of citations:


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