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Bibliometrics involves the quantitative study of academic publications, and measures e.g. productivity and impact. Collaboration and citations can also be used to illustrate networking and subject interactions.

Bibliometric analyses are often used as a complement to peer review with internal or external evaluations of academic research, for example with ranking of universities and colleges.

At LiU, the bibliometrics group is part of the Department for Publishing Infrastructure in the University Library. The group supports LiU in a range of ways:

  • Deliver publishing statistics including bibliometric analyses of the departments, subdepartments and research groups at LiU

  • Provide university management with the expertise to evaluate external bibliometric analyses and ranking lists.

  • Raise awareness and knowledge of bibliometrics and its implications within LiU.

In our work with bibliometric analyses we apply the principles in Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics.

If you or your research group have questions regarding bibliometrics, do not hesitate to contact the Bibliometrics group.

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Last updated: 2015-12-07