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Booking group activity rooms at the Library

There are different ways for booking the group activity rooms, depending on which campus library the room is located. 

Campus Norrköping Library and Valla Library

At Campus Norrköping Library and Valla Library, bookings for group activity rooms are made in the web based booking system TimeEdit, which is also used for booking many other rooms and facilities on the university. 

Book group activity room

In case of difficulties with booking a group activity room, please contact 1330@liu.se.

Medical Library

There are three group activity rooms at the Medical Library. Bookings are made in TimeEdit.

In case of difficulties with booking, please contact 1330@liu.se.

Employees at Region Östergötland also book rooms via 1330@liu.se.

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Rules for booking and use

  • Group activity rooms can be booked for up to 24 hours before use
  • A room can be booked for four hours a time
  • If you aren't going to use your booked room, you should cancel your booking. If you are more than 30 minutes late for your booking, the booking expires
  • Rooms are to be used for studying purposes only
  • The rooms are available for booking in accordance with library opening hours
  • Furniture in the rooms can be rearranged, but is to be restored to its original position after use
  • Meals are not allowed in the rooms

More Information

Book a Room and TimeEdit on LiU Students Page



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