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The literature you need to be able to go through with your studies is available at the library, both as regular loan books and as so called textbook reference copies, which you as a student may loan and read in or near the library.


Effective 2006, revised May 2014

Our policy is that course literature will be available at each campus library corresponding to the course location.

For each mandatory course textbook there will be one textbook reference copy and at least one loan copy of the current edition, either in print or in electronic format.

Additional resources for further reading related to each course are available. This literature is purchased through the respective subject librarian, in consultation with students and course directors.

We welcome acquisition proposals or suggestions you may have! Regarding course and resource literature, Open Access publications and e-books are especially suitable, since they are campus independent and accessible to many readers simultaneously.

Textbook reference copies 

As a student you have access to textbook reference copies that are marked with red labels on the back with the text "REFKURS". A reference textbook copy must be returned the same day you borrow it.

There are some specific rules for each library as well. At some of the libraries you borrow textbook reference copies with your LiU-card and at some you are permitted to take the textbook reference copies outside the library premises (se rules for specific libraries below).

Note that if you have borrowed a textbook reference copy with your LiU-card, you will get a 200 SEK fine per copy if the book has not been returned the same day you borrowed it.

Campus Norrköping Library

In Norrköping, the textbook reference copies are placed on the shelves with the rest of the library's books, placed first within each subject, but after the regular reference books. You can read the textbook reference copies in the library, or loan them and read them somewhere else in Kåkenhus.

Medical Library

At the Medical Library, the textbook reference copies are located on the shelves with the rest of the library's books, placed first within each subject, but after the regular reference books. You can use them in the library, in the silent reading room on floor 9, or at Clinicum. Please consult staff if you want to bring a textbook reference copy outside the library.

Valla Library

The textbook reference copies at Valla Library are placed behind the information desk, just inside the entrance. You can loan them with your LiU card and read them in the library or other location on campus.

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