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How to use e-books

How do I search for e-books?

Almost all of our e-books are searchable from within the library catalogue at the Linköping University library. You can search for the author, title, subject etc. You may also search for an e-book directly from the provider, for example Ebrary. Search for e-book providers at E-book collections. One of the advantages with e-books is that it is possible to search throughout the text of all the e-books.

How do I read e-books?

E-books are shown in different ways at different providers. Sometimes you need Adobe Reader or Adobe Digital Editions to read an e-book.

Can I download an e-book for offline reading?

Some e-book providers offer this but online reading is more common. See further down in the document about different providers. Dawsonera, ebrary, MyiLibrary, Thieme and eBooks on EBSCOHost offer downloading. See the Help-section if you need instruction.

Can I print or copy text from e-books?

The possibility to copy or print varies. Below you will find more information. You are not allowed to print the whole book.

Can I do highlights or make notes in the e-books?

You can make notes and hightlights in e-books. If you would like to save them, it is a good idea to create an user account.

More about some providers


AccessMedicine collection includes around 50 medical encyclopedias and textbooks. Updated frequently and expanded continuously.
You are allowed to print a section or a chapter. Allowing individuals to customize their own view of the site through their personal profile.



Click on Search: choose "All collections" to see e-book collections that are available at the Linköping University library, My Folder etc. There is simultaneous multi-user access. Use you LiU-ID to authenticate. You can add to Personal Folders, add notes, add a bookmark, add to book shelf, share a link etc.



Users are able to access the entire CRCnetBASE catalogue of online content from one website allowing them to conduct searches across multiple disciplines. By checking full access only during your basic or advanced search, you limit your search to only content in which your library has access to. LiUB subscribes to the subject collections: Engineering, Enviornmental Sciences, Statistics and Mathematics. The new platform also allows users to create personalised accounts where they can save queries, place favourite content onto a virtual bookshelf and recommend content to friends. Simultaneous multi-user access is allowed. Do you have problems reading the e-books? Please check your Adobe Reader settings. Go to Edit, then Preferences and Internet. Mark Display PDF in browser.


Linköping University currently has access to more than 600 e-books in different subjects from Dawsonera. Click on eBook Catalogue to see which books we have access to. All titles in the database are available to preview 5 minutes. Use Advanced Search to find these books. There is simultaneous multi-user access. You can download the e-book to read offline or read it online. Users will be asked to login to access personalisation features such as 5 min preview, downloading, my favorites, print and copy. You need then to create an account. Printing and copying is allowed when reading online but restricted to 5% of the e-book. Making notes are also possible. If you download the e-book you may listen to it. E-books from Dawsonera is now also available on Android and iOS devices. Android or iOS. Do you have problems reading the e-books? Please check your Adobe Reader settings. Go to Edit, then Preferences and Internet. Mark Display PDF in browser.

Reader Portal User Guide

Mac: Use the latest version of Safari and Adobe Reader.
Linux: Use the latest version of Adobe Reader.



Ebrary contains more than 70 000 e-books, mostly in English but also in Spanish and Portuguese.
Subjects such as Business & Economics, Computers & Technology, Humanities, History, Life & Physical sciences, Social & Behavioural sciences and Education are represented.
There is simultaneous multi-user access. There are some books that only can be used by one person at a time. You use the QuickView to easily scroll through pages. You can also print pages from QuickView. Printing is restricted to 40 pages or 15% of the e-book. Ebrary integrates with RefWorks and EndNote for easy citation management. You are able to download the e-books. Check out the Support. Ebrary has a mobile app for iOS and Android. Read more here.

Need more help? Check out Proquest LibGuide.


eBooks on EBSCOHost

About 400 e-books are available at the Linköping University library and some free content are possible to view. Some titles can be downloaded and read offline with Adobe Digital Editions. You need a personal account to check out / download an e-book. One person at a time may read the same e-book. You will get a message "All copies in use" if someone else are reading the book. You can place a hold and get an e-mail notice when the book is available. You are allowed to print only a limit of pages. There are tools for adding bookmarks, share information, make notes etc. For more information, see eBooks on EBSCOhost User Guide.


Elibrary Elsevier e-textbooks

E-books in medicine, for example Atlas of Human Anatomy and Medical Physiology. The books may be read by simultaneous users Downloading is OK. You need an app, iPublishCentral Reader, to read e-books on mobile devices such as iPad and Samsung devices but even on a PC. If you want to create bookmarks, notes etc please sign up for a personal account.


Linköping University has access to the EMERALD eBook Series Collections: Business, Management and Economics and Social Sciences. Browse books either alphabetically or by subject. The books may be read by simultaneous users but there is no possibility to download the ebooks at the moment. You have to read them in HTML or PDF format. To search for books at Linköping University go to My Subscribed content. Download a Step-by-Step Guide here, or Support resources. Troubleshooting Guide


Gale Virtual Reference Library

GVRL offers encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. Click on Title List to see books available at the Linköping University library. Simultaneous multi-user access is allowed. The best way to print pages from the e-books is to use the Print icon on the toolbar.



MyiLibrary contains e-books purchased by Linköping University Library from the book supplier Coutts. There is simultaneous multi-user access. You can read the book online displayed page by page. You can search within one e-book or within the e-books owned by Linköping University. There is an option to download entire e-books and transfer them to e-reader devices. You will need Adobe Digital Editions on your local computer. Create an account if you wish to download books or save searches or notes. Publishers and copyright owners determine how much of any particular e-book can be copied or printed. You may copy or print a maximum of 10 pages per request. You can save to RefWorks or EndNote. You must enable cookies and JavaScript in your web browser to read online. The following browser is optimized to view MyiLibrary: Internet Explorer 7.0 and greater. The following browsers are compatible with MyiLibrary but may include deprecated features: Chrome 2 & greater, Firefox 3 & greater, Safari 2 & greater (Macintosh) and Safari 3 & greater (Windows). Do you encounter problems when reading please Contact us.

FAQ for how to download e-books and more is found in Help and here is MyiLibrary Download Guide.


Thieme E-Book Library

Thieme ElectronicBook Library consists of more than 70 e-books in medicine, for example the well-known Color Atlas Series. There is simultaneous multi-user access. You may download the e-books. You are not allowed to use the pictures due to copyright restrictions. See Terms of use. Thieme e-books are available for iPad. You have to download iPublishCentral Reader, it´s a free app in the Itunes store. When the app is downloaded you may search for an e-book in the Library Catalogue. Click on Download and the e-book will open in iPublishCentral Reader. Now you can read the e-book, search in the entire book, make notes and bookmarks. Quick start guide.



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