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At Linköping University Library we have about 500 000 books in our collections.

Books at Linköping University Library

In UniSearch you can find information about what books the library has, in which library, and on what shelf they are located. You can also see if the book is available or checked out.

Bild på bokSearch for books in UniSearch


QR codes are a type of barcode, that can be used to send a smartphone user to a specific webpage, without the user having to type in a long or difficult URL.The QR code attached to a Linköping university library book, is a web address that leads to the detailed post of that particular book in the library search tool UniSearch.

QR code


The library has more than 250 000 e-books linked to from the library search tool. You can also browse the collections from each distributor.

En ikon företällande ett jordklot framför ett dokumentE-book collections

Find books in other libraries

If the library doesn't have the book that you search for there are several other search services. In order to get the books you find elsewhere, you can either make a purchase suggestion or make an inter library loan.

Swedish libraries

Libris logoLibris Union catalogue for the Swedish university libraries.

Östgötabiblioteken ikonGötabiblioteken Search portal for all public libraries in Östergötland.

International libraries

Worldcat logoWorldcat The worlds largest catalogue listing books from all over the world.

Library of Congress logoLibrary of Congress United States national catalogue.

Bibsys ikonBibsys Union catalogue for the norweigan libraries.

British library ikonBritish Library Union catalogue for the brittish libraries.

LindaMelinda Union catalogue for the finnish libraries.

bibliotek.dkbibliotek.dk Union catalogue for the danish libraries.

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