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TGTU60 Information retrieval 

All activities on a university depend on production of scientific documents. This course will teach you relations between different publication types, how you find and retrieve them, how to evaluate and use them in your own writing and work, both while still at a university and in your future occupational career.

The student will complete an extensive information search in a topic of own choice, for example for a report or project. During the course the student will use library catalogues and databases to find books, journal articles and patents, evaluating different search tools for effective and efficient information retrieval.

We will discuss how to use quality criterias for different information sources and how and why you cite in science, and in this part also discuss how to avoid plagiarism.

The result of the information search completed during the course will be presented in written form, and also in discussion at the concluding seminar.

To pass the examination the student must:

Attend at least five of six seminars. Note that the last seminar is mandatory!

Hand in an approved written formulary.

The course uses LISAM as platform.

Read more about the course in Studiehandboken.

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