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International students on Valla Library

In late August, many new students arrive to begin their studies at Linköping University (LiU). Approximately 1 000 of them are international students from different countries. This week, Campus Valla library welcomed international students that had signed up for a guided tour during Welcome Fair.

We talked to four students of business and education, from Germany and France, after they had visited the library about their impressions so far.

- The library is very bright and warm. It seems to be a very quiet place. There are many places to sit and study, nice seats, not only bookshelves. At home, there are just a lot of bookshelves in the library, one student commented.

- The libraries at home are also smaller and have less books, with no fiction books.

LiU international students














The students we talked to also appreciated that you are allowed to eat and drink in the library (not any warm food though). In their home university libraries, one is only allowed to bring water in plastic bottles. Also, coats must be left in baskets before entering the library.

Is there anything they think is not that great? Something that could be improved?

- Longer opening hours, especially during weekends. More copies of course books. It would also be a good idea to have lockers where you can put, for example, your computer when going for lunch or a coffee.

The four students had all visited the library’s web site, www.bibl.liu.se, to look for information.

- The guide about creating a PAYEX account, for printing and copying, was very handy.


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If you have questions about the library or its services, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: biblioteket@liu.se

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