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Monitor citations of your work

Publish or Perish is a computer programme – accessible to LiU employees at Min IT – that displays citations of publications.

Citation databases such as Web of Science only index a selection of scientific publications, whereas Publish or Perish (PoP) can collect citations from different sources including Google Scholar. PoP therefore gives a broader picture than citation databases, for example by providing citation figures for dissertations and reports.

Publish or Perish is a versatile tool that also provides information about how many times a certain journal has been cited, also measuring impact for journals not included in Web of Science.

To install Publish or Perish:

  1. Go to https://minit.liu.se/
  2. Click on “My active devices”
  3. Publish or Perish should be given as one of the options (sometimes, a search is required)


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More about Publish or Perish

If you need advice or information about how to maximize the impact of your publications, please contact us at forskningsstod@bibl.liu.

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