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A profile of Johanna Nählinder

Johanna NählinderName: Johanna Nählinder

Profession: Senior coordinator of research support

Place of birth: Jönköping (but have only lived there for three weeks). A native to Linköping since 1998.

Affiliations: Has a background as a researcher within innovation (lecturer in industrial organization) and now active in the library world (as a patron since 1982 and as an employee at Linköping University Library since March 2017).

Background: PhD (2005) in Thematic studies – technology and social change at Linköping University. Has worked as a policy and evaluation consultant, and as lecturer in political science and industrial organization. Hosted a successful – but now sadly demised – blog on books and once made a cycling tour between Copenhagen and Uppsala.

Skills: Good at recognizing handwriting. Her own is swift but illegible.

Mission: To coordinate the library’s research support and to help researchers throughout the research process, i.e. by offering advice on how to find the right journal to publish in and how to promote the circulation of one’s own publications. Welcomes all questions regarding research support from LiU researchers. 

Contact: johanna.nahlinder@liu.se Tel: 013-282903 or 0700-896437


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Mon Feb 26 08:13:00 CET 2018


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