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GDR Culture Centre Library catalog online

The GDR Collection at Linköping University Library is now searchable through a digitized version of the collection’s original card catalog.

The collection has its origins in the GDR Culture Centre Library in Stockholm. The catalog is made up of an alphabetical (A-Z) section, a systematical section for fiction and two alphabetical sections for non-fiction (called “Altes” and “Neues”). Further information on how to use the catalog can be found under “Search help”.

The Stockholm GDR Culture Centre (DDR-Kulturzentrum) was closed down at the time of the German reunification in 1990 and its library subsequently purchased by Linköping University Library. The collection comprises books (exclusively in German) about culture and society in the former German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik – DDR) and includes circa 10 000 books, of which circa 2500 are works of fiction.

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