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Subscription agreement with Elsevier canceled

A national subscription agreement between the Bibsam consortium (which Linköping University is part of) and the publisher Elsevier has been terminated. Access to a number of key scientific journals is thereby affected.

Since the late nineties, most Swedish universities have bought scientific journals from large publishers through nationally negotiated agreements. The annual price increases have been higher than inflation and difficult for libraries to carry. Now the publishers are also charging publishing fees for Open Access.

In Sweden, in light of Sweden’s move towards open access to research publications, the universities’ vice chancellors have stated that this is not acceptable. The agreement with the largest publisher, Elsevier, expired in December 2017. Negotiations have been made since last summer. From the start, the two parties have been far apart and now it has been decided that the agreement will be terminated from the end of June. However, negotiations are still ongoing.

Similar developments have occurred in other European countries. For example, the German consortium Project DEAL interrupted the negotiations with Elsevier over a year ago. 

How will this affect access?

Our hope is that this will not have consequences in the short term. Through the agreement that is ending on the 31st of June, we have "back access rights" for all items we have access to now even after the end of June. It is only access to articles published after July the 1st, which may be affected by the termination of the agreement, and which we will not have direct access to.

There are a very few journals not covered by back rights that we will not have access to at all, the medical journal The Lancet being one of them.

See our journals list for details about library access to specific titles:

The opportunity to publish in Elsevier's journals is not affected.

Alternative ways of access

As a researcher you can access a lot of research even without subscription. By installing the "unpaywall" app, for example, you can find Open Access versions of many articles.

We can also provide interlibrary loans of articles not covered by our subscriptions.

Contact us at biblioteket@liu.se if you have questions! We can also come to your department and hold an information session.


More information

Sweden stands up for open access – cancel agreement with Elsevier (News release from the National Library)

Wed May 16 14:09:00 CEST 2018


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