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Books in compact storage

Besides extensive collections of e-books, e-journals and print books available at the campus libraries (for example, course books and fiction) a large part of Linköping University Library’s collections are kept in compact storage in “Bokladan”.

Shelves in BokladanBokladan (“The Book barn”) is located in Kärnhuset, a large hangar-like building southwest of G building at Campus Valla. The same building houses the university archive and National Supercomputer Centre (NSC).

For maximal use of available space, the book shelves in Bokladan are of Compactus design, e.g. moveable and mounted on rails. 110 000+ books are kept here, whereas the Campus Valla Library book collection “only” consists of around 93 000 books on open shelves (fiction and some other collections available in the library are excluded).

Once a day requested books are collected in Bokladan and sent to the library to which they have been ordered. The library search service UniSearch includes information about a book’s home location. Books in Bokladan can be ordered in the same way as books located at one of the campus libraries Valla Library, Medical Library and Campus Norrköping Library.

The books in storage in Bokladan are less frequently used but still of relevance to library users or preserved for the future for other reasons. For example, books included in the Wessén collection, the Faroe collection, the GDR collection and other special collections are kept here (For more information on special collections, see the Special Collections webpage). Older periodicals are also housed in Bokladan. 

Journals in Bokladan

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Books in compact storage

A large part of the Library’s collections are kept in “Bokladan”. You can order books from Bokladan in the same way you order books from one LiU library to another.

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