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Mendeley is a reference management tool, where you easily can save and manage your references and then enter them into, for example, a Word document.

Mendeley is owned by the publishing company Elsevier but available as both a free version (Basic Individual Free) and a commercial version (Mendeley Institutional Edition). Linköping University has no campus license for the commercial version. The program is installed on the university library's computers.

With Mendeley you can:

  • Work in operating systems, Windows, Linux and Mac OS and MacOS X.
  • Work from different computers because you can synchronize your references between the program on one computer and your user account on the web.
  • Import references directly from various search tools via Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Insert references in a text processor (MS Word, LibreOffice).
  • Create a reference list for your thesis.
  • Insert PDF files in the program and from these create references (2 GB free storage memory).

Using Mendeley

Create a user account and download the program on Mendeley.com. Start using the program, see our Guide to Mendeley.

Some support is provided through the program's website even for the free version. Its website also contains extensive information, including instructional videos, troubleshooting tips, and a list of known issues.

Linköping University Library offers introductions and support in in Mendeley to both students and employees at Linköping University. Book an introduction or contact us via referenshantering@bibl.liu.se.

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Questions and answers

We have put together a Questions and Answers page about Mendeley.

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Questions about reference management software?

Contact us at referenshantering@bibl.liu.se


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