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Interlibrary loans of books and articles

You can make an interlibrary loan request for material that you need for your studies or your research, if the material isn't already in the library collections.

You can use this service if you belong to one of the following user categories:

  • Student at LiU
  • Employee at LiU or at Region Östergötland
  • Student at another university and, at the same time, registered user at the library

How to make a request

  1. Check first if the material is already available at Linköping University Library, in the library's search service UniSearch. It might also be worth to look for the material elsewhere (eg Google), since, in some cases, the material is freely available online.
  2. When you have verified that the material isn't already available, please use one of the forms linked to below to fill in and send your request:

Frequently asked questions

You can request material that is not already a part of the collection at Linköping University Library. Consequently, you can't make a request for material that is already owned by the library but checked out at the moment of the request.

It might be difficult to get hold of the requested material in some cases. A request can, therefore, not be seen as a guarantee that the material actually will be procured. The library makes an assessment in every case.

If your request concerns a new book, the library normally buys the book instead of loaning it. This is free of charge for you. If the library buys the book, it will be reserved for you and you will get an e-mail notice when it's ready for pickup.

It normally takes about a week before your interlibrary loan has arrived and is ready for pickup. If the library buys the book instead of loaning it, it usually takes about two weeks before you can pick it up.

Delivery times can vary, however, depending on how hard it is to get hold of the material, and there's no guarantee that you can get your material within a specified period of time. Therefore, please have good foresight when making your request.

It's free of charge to loan books from other libraries in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

Charges may apply if you want to order copies of articles, depending on your user category and where the journal of the article is located. However, if you're an employee at LiU it's free of charge to order copies of articles.

For complete and current charges, please refer to the library pricelist.

If you're an employee at LiU and has ordered a copy of an article, it will be sent with internal mail to your post box at your institution. If you've requested a book, you can pick it up at the information desk in the library you chose in the form when you made your request. You will get an e-mail notice when the book is available for pickup.

If you're a student, you can pick up both books and articles at the information desk in the library you chose when you made your request. You will get an e-mail notice when your material is ready for pickup.

The library can't deliver copies of articles electronically (in .pdf, for example), due to copyright regulations.

The easiest way to renew an interlibrary loan is to reply to the e-mail demand note sent to you at the end of the loaning period for the material. The loaning period is set by the owning library, and it's possible to renew loans in most cases.

More frequently asked questions can be found on the library's Questions and Answers page.


Contact us

Do you have any questions concerning interlibrary loans? Please feel free to contact us via fjarr@bibl.liu.se or on telephone: +46 13-28 19 12.

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