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Byggmästare John Mattsons library

Byggmästare John Mattsons library (BJMB) is a part of Linköping University Library, named after a generous donation from Building contractor John Mattssons memorial trust.

The library is located at Malmstens on Lidingö just outside of Stockholm. Collections are mainly books about furniture, wood and design. You can search for books available at BJMB in the library search tool UniSearch or in LIBRIS. In the library is also journals about crafts, design, arts and cultural heritage.

Opening hours

For students and staff at Malmstens the library is open same hours as the building is open. The library is open to the public at wednesdays 13-17 for firsthand consultation (not borrowing). Students and staff at Malmstens can borrow books on a selfservice basis.


Carl Malmsten - Furniture Studies, Larsbergsvägen 8, SE-181 39 LIDINGÖ, SWEDEN


Kontakta ossmaria.leijonhielm@liu.se

+46 (Telefon0)13-282322

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