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Printing and copying

Linköping University has one unified system for printing and photo copying.

Student printing account

The university is using a printing system delivered by RICOH. If you're a student at LiU, you can find more information about how to create an account, and deposit money on it, here.

Please read the information carefully. For you with an existing PayEx account (created before October 2017) can make the new connection by following the linked guide in the step-by-step instruction, step 3.


Printing account for visitors with library card

For visitors with a library card instead of a LiU card, the procedure for creating a printing account is somewhat different. First, you need to register a PayEx account and deposit money on the account, and then connect your PayEx account to your blue library card:

1. Create a printing account for charging of printouts, and deposit money on it. It's free of cost to create a PayEx account:

A credit control is made by PayEx when a new account is registered, and name and social security number is verified.

2. Connect your PayEx account to your library card:

Note! Linking of PayEx cards to library cards must be done on a library computer at one of our campus libraries.

On that page, you connect your active PayEx account to your library card, to be able to pay your printouts from university printers. Please note! In the form, please use your social security number (in this form: YYMMDD-XXXX) as username, and your library card number as password, instead of LiU-ID and LiU-ID password.

Logging in

As a visitor with a library card, you can log in in two different ways:

  1. At the printer, first put your library card on the card reader behind/next to the display. Then enter the PIN code associated with your card (the same code that you use as a password when logging in to "My loans") in the "PIN" field.
  2. You can also enter your social security number in the field "Username", and your library card number in the field "Password". Then press the Login button on the display keyboard.

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