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Study in the Library

Welcome to use the library as your place for study. The Library can offer you a variety of useful resources in your work.

You can study on your own, or in one of the group activity rooms. You can also use our printers or one of our many computers.

During daytime, skilled librarians are available to guide you through the library's resources. On working days after 5 PM, and on Saturdays and Sundays, the libraries are manned by student helpers. At these times the service is limited.

More information about studying in the library can be found via the navigation menu on the left hand side of this page.

Campus Norrköping Library

There are 115 study seats at Campus Norrköping Library, four group activity rooms, 15 seats intended for group work and a silent reading room, with 22 study seats. So called quiet zones in the library, where the sound level should be as low as possible, are marked with posters.

There are two classrooms in the library, located on floor 4. They function as open computer rooms when not booked for teaching purposes.

More about Campus Norrköping Library

Medical Library

At the Medical Library, on Campus US, there are approximately 240 study seats. There are also three group activity rooms with a total of 30 seats and a silent reading room with 29 seats.

There is one classroom at the Medical Library.

More about the Medical Library

Valla Library

Valla Library, located in house D on Campus Valla, offers over 100 study seats, 10 group activity rooms with a total of 60 study seats, a silent reading room with 34 study seats, and a large number of places intended for group work.

At Valla Library there is is also a classroom on floor 4, at the top of the building.

More about Valla Library

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