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What is a blog?

Blog comes from the word weblog. A blog is a web site where you use a blogging service to publish your posts. LiU is using the blogging service Wordpress with an interface that interact with the graphic identity at LiU. You can also start a blog using Google, Blogspot etc. The posts can be both text, images, videos and other media. The posts are displayed in chronological order when published.

It is a good idea to take a look at other blogs before starting, to see the structure of a blog.

One of the advantages using the blogging service at LiU is that you only have to log in with your LiU-ID to start blogging. Please contact Andreas Engmark, at the Communications and Marketing Division, if you would like to start a blog.

Write a blog post

A blog could deal with different subjects. If the blog is going to be used professionally, it is a good idea to think about who you want to be and how you want to communicate. Start a blog that you would like to read for yourself. The blog has to be updated to be of interest. This will have an effect on visitors, hits in Google, credibility and potential distribution. Also, it is always better to update your blog often than to write long posts infrequently.

How to get visitors to your blog

A nice consequence of the online presence is that someone hopefully is reading your blog posts. Some people will comment your blog post, some will link to it and others tweet it. The most common though is that the reader do not give a notice. You can try to make your blog more known by connect it to other social networking tools you are using.

Make it easy for the visitor to get an overview of the channels you are using. It is not the amount of channels you are active in – it is the way you use them.

To get visitors to your blog it is important to be visible, link to other blogs and other blogs are hopefully linking to your blog. If your blog is high ranked in search machines it may be a combination of different things. How these search machines are working is difficult to understand but a few things are important:

  1. Keep your blog updated.
  2. Read blogs by others. Cite and link to them. Write comments and refer to your blog.
  3. It is also important to answer the feedback if you get any, in reasonable time.




Contact us

Would you like to book us for a seminar?

We can visit your department and share more information. We can for instance help your research team to get started with social media platforms.

Get in touch at socialmedia@liu.se.

About us

This resoure has been established by David Lawrence, Maria Svenningsson, Kristin Krantz, Anna Söderström och Sara Råsberg. We work at the library, the ICT-studio and the Communication and market division at Linköping university.

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