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Good examples

Here you will find a few examples of researchers who uses social media as a part of their research communication. 


Björn Brembs, Institute of Zoology - Neurogenetics, University of Regensburg
@brembs (twitter)
Björn Brembs at Researchgate


Deborah Lupton, News & Media Research Centre, University of Canberra
The Sociological Life (blog)
@DALupton (twitter)


Christie Wilcox, Phd student, University of Hawaii
Runs a highly visited blog at Discover Magazine which is written by Phd students.
Science Sushi (blog)
@NerdyChristine (Instagram)
Christine Wilcox at Academia


Jill Walker Rettberg, professor of digital culture at the University of Bergen.
jill/txt (blog)
@jilltxt (twitter)

AUForsker - Twitter

Århus university in Denmark has established a Twitter account that is lend to various researchers.

@AUforsker (twitter)


An introduction to social media for scientists, Holly M. Bik, Miriam C. Goldstein (2013)

Articles from LiU Staff with High Activity in Social Media in the last 3 Months

Build your academic brand, because being brilliant doesn’t cut it any moreJohn Tregoning, Times Higher Education (2016)

Feeling better connected: Academics use of social media, Deborah Lupton, News & Media Research Centre, University of Canberra (2014)

Online Collaboration: Scientists and the social network, Richard Van Noorden (2014)

Get started

  1. Create an account at Twitter. Take some time to figure out how this tool works.
  2. Register at one of the these social media networks for researchers: ResearchGate, Mendeley or Academia.edu.
  3. Read the Guidelines at LiU and use common sense, but don't be afraid to try new things.
  4. Maintain the accounts you decide to create active at all times and link them together.

Contact us

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We can visit your department and share more information. We can for instance help your research team to get started with social media platforms.

Get in touch at socialmedia@liu.se.

About us

This resoure has been established by David Lawrence, Maria Svenningsson, Kristin Krantz, Anna Söderström och Sara Råsberg. We work at the library, the ICT-studio and the Communication and market division at Linköping university.

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