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The professional community

There are a few social network online- some are more about the personal and private sphere, where some are more focused on work and profession. Besides the communities that are created especially for the academic world (see our chapters on Academica, Mendeley and Researchgate) there’s the professional community named LinkedIn.

How does LinkedIn work?

On LinkedIn you will first create a user account. By using a set of LinkedIn tools you’ll be able to build a page that contains your qualifications, education and resumé. You can also choose to add examples of presentations you’ve held, perhaps link to videos and link to your presence on other social media channels. It is also possible to connect to colleagues, students, people that you’ve met in your work.

As supposed to Researchgate and other social networks for researchers, your page on LinkedIn is public. So far the usage of LinkedIn is mostly common in english speaking countries such as United States and Great Britain.   

LinkedIn has a set of functions that has similarities to other social media channels. You can join groups to exchange work experience regarding subjects, for instance alumni groups, or groups associated to various companies. You can also post status updates, like and comment other users updates.

Get started with LinkedIn

Linkedin has an interface that helps you to add relevant content, you can add degrees, past jobs, what you are doing today and what you are interested in. It is also possible to add skills. Users who are following you can choose to endorse your skills.

Examples of networks on LinkedIn

LiU Alumni

Linköpings University



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