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Social networks

What are social networks for researchers?

Below are a few examples of major networks that might be of interest for researchers that want to use a social platform to network and share their articles and other research. With the help of these services it is possible to share articles with colleagues around the world. You will broaden your digital network and at the same time distribute your researchers and make it more available.  These services also provide easy solutions to organize documents and collaborate with fellow peers. It is possible to also upload, syncronize and download material.


ResearchGate is a platform created by and for researchers who want to share their research. ResearchGate has more than 5 million users. It is free to create an account. There are possibilities to create groups and add publications. You may collaborate with colleagues around the world. Create a profile with your expertise and start to follow people in your research area. You can see how many times your publications has been shown, added and cited. There is also an opportunity to ask other researchers questions. There are many researchers from LiU represented.


Academia is a platform for researchers in multiple areas such as science, computer science and medicine. Use it to find other researchers in your field and share your own work. When you create your profile you can connect it to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is also possible to choose fields of interests and thus get suggestions of related articles from other researchers. Academia is free to use. This service also provide a set of tools for you to analyze how many visitors have viewed your page and which country they are from. There are many representatives from LiU present at Academia.


Mendeley is a platform for researchers in multiple areas. Mendeley was launched in 2008 and is runned by the publisher Elsevier since a while ago. Connect and share documents with colleagues all around the World or follow or create your own Groups. It is possibleto create a personal account with your own profile, picture, reaserch field and publish articles. To set up an account is free of charge but you will only get 2GB of storage capacity. If you wish to increase the storage capacity it will cost you, but you will get more funtions. Mendeley is convenient if you also wish to use it as a reference system.


Get started

  1. Create an account at Twitter. Take some time to figure out how this tool works.
  2. Register at one of the these social media networks for researchers: ResearchGate, Mendeley or Academia.edu.
  3. Read the Guidelines at LiU and use common sense, but don't be afraid to try new things.
  4. Maintain the accounts you decide to create active at all times and link them together.

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