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Social media for researchers

Here you will find information about social media and networks for researchers that ought to be a part of all researchers' communication strategy. You will find information about various channels but also concrete tips to help you get started. This resource turns to researchers and teachers at Linköping University.

What is social media?

Social media are channels for communication on the web. We will focus on a few elements which can be used by academics, professionally to help with distribution of publications and research results. Additionally, these channels will allow you to create networks and to help monitor your field.

Why social media?

  • Visibility: By being active and present in social media it will give you increased visibility and your research results will be more available to others.

  • Distribution: Using social media channels mean that you are using their built-in tools that can help you with distribution. If you are active, others who are follwing you will help you with distributing your content. Studies such as Can Tweets Predict Citations? has shown that Twitter activity about a publication frequently leads to increased distribution and can lead to an increase in citation rate. 

  • Impact: By the fact that more and more people view your research through various channels- both analogue and digital provides more possibilities to impact. The strength is in the mix.

  • Discover: It is also possible to use social media to monitor ones fields, but also to discover and connect with other people in nearby activities and with other researchers around the world.

  • Network: Social media facilitate the connection with other already established networks, but also favor the creation of new ones-  sometimes more unexpected contacts. Research and papers are discussed, commented, credited or critizised.

How to act on social media platforms at LiU

As a researcher you value that your name is known. We recommend you to use your real name to be fully visible online. Make sure to keep a good presentation of yourself and your research on social media channels but also the LiU-webb. If a presentation is required for a channel make sure you fill in all the details and keep the presentation updated at all times.

Guidelines at LiU

Private or professional profile?

When setting up social media accounts, questions regarding the boundaries between the private and professional sphere tend to pop up. Usually you hear discussions about the importance of keeping your private and professional self apart.  However it is smart to think of how one uses ones channels. Keep a plain profile and avoid having too mixed content.

It is good to think of how one expresses oneself , social medias are well known for its openness and that they are personal. Strive too keep a personal and humble tone. Answer questions if they are asked directly to you, be committed and professional to everyone you meet.

Connect those channels you are active on, cross linking is recommended. It boosts the visibility.
To maximise your visibilty it is also important that your are active in those channels you use and take part in discussions etc. within your field.

Things to consider

You have free speech of course but remember that you act as a researcher or a teacher at Linköping University and thus also represent the university.


Get started

  1. Create an account at Twitter. Take some time to figure out how this tool works.
  2. Register at one of the these social media networks for researchers: ResearchGate, Mendeley or Academia.edu.
  3. Read the Guidelines at LiU and use common sense, but don't be afraid to try new things.
  4. Maintain the accounts you decide to create active at all times and link them together.

Contact us

Would you like to book us for a seminar?

We can visit your department and share more information. We can for instance help your research team to get started with social media platforms.

Get in touch at socialmedia@liu.se.

About us

This resoure has been established by David Lawrence, Maria Svenningsson, Kristin Krantz, Anna Söderström och Sara Råsberg. We work at the library, the ICT-studio and the Communication and market division at Linköping university.

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