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All you need to know about logins

This page contains information about different kinds of logins, passwords, etc. that is used to get access to various resources in the library.

Databases and journals off-campus

As a student or employee at LiU you can access journals and databases off-campus. To do this, you must either access them via the library website or use our LiUBProxy bookmarklet (more info see right column). Use your LiU-ID to authenticate.

Read more on the page Access to e-resources.

Printers and copiers

There are two login options for students and employees at LiU:

  1. At the printer, type in your LiU-card PIN-code in the field "PIN". Then place your LiU-card on the indicated area on the printer.
  2. State your LiU-ID in the field "Username", and then your LiU-ID password in the field "Password".

Other visitors, with a library card log in by using one of two following ways:

  1. At the printer, enter the PIN code that is connected to your library card (the same PIN code that you use as password when logging in to "My loans") in the "PIN" field. Then place your card on the indicated area on the printer.
  2. You can also enter your social security number in the field "Username", and your library card number in the field "Password". To be able to print and copy you need a PayEx-account connected to your card.

Computers in the library

Students and employees log in with LiU-ID and LiU-ID password (on the AD domain) to get access to the computers.  

Other library visitors log in as follows: your username is PUB\social security number (in the form YYMMDD-NNNN), and as password you use your library card number.

Wireless network in the library

There are two wireless networks in our libraries: Netlogon och Eduroam. Read more on LiU-IT's webpage Wireless networks.

Reserve books and renew loans via My loans

To reserve books in UniSearch, and log on to My Loans, students and employees use LiU-ID.

Other library visitors log in with library card number and PIN (4 digits).

Interlibrary Loans

To order articles and books through the inter library loans service, please log in with your LiU-ID.

Other library visitors log in with library card number and PIN (4 digits).

Save and export references in UniSearch

Log in with LiU-ID to save and export references in the library search service UniSearch.


Get in touch with the library


Check if the article you found in our databases is available to download by clicking the ”LiU Full Text”-button.

LiU Full Text (kontrollerar åtkomsten till elektroniska resurser)


easier access to library e-resources

Use an add-on to your web browser for easier access to journals when you're not on campus, for example the Library’s proxy bookmarklet if you are using Safari or Internet Explorer. Add-ons are also available for Chrome and Firefox.

Read more: Access to E-resources.

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