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Böcker uppställda enligt DDK

The Library’s shelving system for books

Linköping University Library uses Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) as a shelving system for books. Here you can read about how to find your way in our collections.

Book collection shelved according to DDC

In the Dewey Decimal System, books are organized according to numbers. The library’s search service will tell you where to look for a certain book and if it is available. Books labeled with DDC numbers are located in Boksamlingen (the Book Collection). To find the right shelf in the library, look at the number under Call No.:

Book in UniSearch




DDC main classes

The Dewey Decimal System is made up of ten main classes. All classification codes in Dewey consist of at least three digits. Here are the ten main classes, as well as a selection of more specific codes:

000 General works
004-006 Computer sciences
100 Philosophy & psychology
200 Religion
300 Social sciences
370 Education
400 Language & linguistics
500 Science
600 Technology
610 Medicine & health
700 Arts & recreation
800 Literature
900 History & geography

See the Library’s complete list with call numbers:

PDF icon Call number table

The SAB Collection

When using the library’s search service you will find that some books are located in SAB-samlingen (the SAB Collection). This means that the books are shelved according to the SAB Classification System, in a separate collection now kept in the library common stacks. You can order books from the SAB Collection by placing a reservation in the library search service.

SAB book in UniSearch





Prior to 2011, all books in our main collection were shelved according to the SAB Classification System. The Dewey Decimal System was introduced after a decision from The National Library of Sweden. A number of Swedish libraries, including Linköping University Library, subsequently decided to substitute the SAB System with the Dewey Decimal System but because of the amount of work involved, not all books have been re-classified.


The library’s print journals and periodicals are shelved in a separate collection according to the SAB Classification System.

Schoolbooks and teaching material

School textbooks and teaching material at Valla Library and Campus Norrköping Library are organized according to subject and level in the Swedish education system.

Read more about the library’s special collections.

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