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What is UniSearch?

UniSearch is Linköping University Library's all-in-one search service, in which you can search articles, books and much more, through a single access point.

How to use it? It’s easy!

  1. Add your search terms.
  2. Refine your search by using the options on the left side of the screen.
  3. Just click on the icons to get to the full-text. If there is a print copy, you can see if it is available, and if it isn't, you can make a reservation for it. If we don't have it at the Library you can make an interlibrary loan request for it.

UniSearch includes most of the libraries resources except some specialized databases. If you are looking for Swedish material (except the books in the library catalog) however, you may need to use other search services or databases.

Unsure about what database to choose? Check out the database list.

Try UniSearch out, and let us know what you think! Contact us

Resources indexed by UniSearch

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